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To date, this program has been taught with a focus on literacy (writing to learn) in a single content area, predominantly for a single year. Any carryover to future teachers and/or classes has been based upon the interest of individual teachers resulting from their successful implementation of the strategies. An entire school or district has not been able to adopt this program either because of lack of funding or lack of continuing support of administration due to staff changes. Thus, the positive impact of the program has been measured intermittently due to the short term consulting contracts in the following school districts.

The scores attached were collected with the standardized tests used in the schools at the time the professional development was provided. Scores are provided for varying grade levels in separate schools, for a single academic year. The scores reported on the graphs were collected before and after teachers and students were trained in the combined use of critical questioning, problem solving and specific writing strategies Note: In some districts, all teachers participated in the program, while in others teachers were able to choose whether to participate or opt out. This is reflected as a lower degree of improvement in scores for the latter schools. The overall average improvement in scores across all subject areas was 17.76% over a single year.


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