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Teaching Professionals comment on

Dr. Dianne McCune's

Teaching Strategies


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Kelly, 7th Grade Resource Room

My students were unmotivated, lacked self-esteem and it was difficult to get them to write. Basically, this inquiry based writing has transformed my classroom! Students are writing explanatory essays with topic sentences and are thrilled to share them with administrators and other classes.


Gina, 6th Grade Teacher

The strategies in this program scaffold the teaching for writing as students harvest their own vocabulary and use these processes to compose good writing. 


Steve Templin, Principal

Our staff said that Dr. Dianne is the right person to help engage our students.


Beth Sloan, K/1 Teacher

The successes these students have using these writing strategies brings me to tears sometimes. Everything they write is in response to a question that they have restated.  Little ones you think will never read—Will write and can read what they’ve written!


Bev, 6th grade, Language Arts

I’ve learned so much from Dianne that they don’t teach us in college.   Quote from my teaching fellow from the university,   “She (Miss Dianne) accomplished more in one day than what I’ve tried to do all year with a student.”   


Karla, Third Grade

Before Dianne came here we were having a difficult time getting one good paragraph from our students.  Now they’re writing five-paragraph essays and are amazed with the results—so are we! 


Kelly, First Grade
I was skeptical at first - now I realize that writing is positive - they [my students] can do much more than I’d expected. Their reading has gotten better because they are doing more writing and summarizing. This really helps them!  


Patti Stiltner, 4th Grade Teacher

We’ve seen dramatic growth in our children’s writing. Quote from one of my students, “Now I do something better than my eighth grade brother.” The parents at our Christmas program were in awe of the kids and were amazed at the growth they had seen in their children’s writing.


Dr. Larry Jageman

Kristy Kinnan Cipriano

Rachel K, Teacher  

Sheila Gallis, 5th/6th Grade Teacher

Melissa Payton, 7th Grade Math




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